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Going from Delhi to Ladakh on Enfield (video)

2012, I went to India driving a Royal Enfield 500 from July to October. My friend Arnaud le Canu joined me for 3 weeks, filming a lot of footages with a Go Pro camera and a Nagra sound recorder.

A year later, after days and days of work from Arnaud, this is the first video of our trip. We are going to publish more videos and sounds the upcoming weeks, I suggest you follow me through my social networks1.

I highly recommend watching this video with headphones, Arnaud did a nice job on the sound and having high quality on your ears helps.

Bike Details

As for bike details, the bike you see was rented through Lalli Singh. I usually buy bikes (350) but didn’t want to buy a 500cc, I was expecting to give it back and rent a 350 later after the Himalaya. I ended up staying in the Himalayas, keeping the bike and should probably have bought one instead. Lalli Singh is a great person, and probably your only option to rent a bike in Delhi if you’re looking for one. Karol Bagh2 is full of cheaters waiting for a nice foreigner to sell them a broken bike, you’ll save yourself lots of hassles going straight to Lalli. His place is not easy to find, it’s in a basement with a very little sign. You can see Lalli on the left on this instagram upload, next to me, Arnaud, and someone working for Lalli. We looked pretty fresh on that photo when leaving Delhi but believe me, we didn’t look as good in the end.3

This is Young Lalli, you’ll see this photo at his office.

However don’t be in a rush for your bike, and expect time for getting it. India has a different momentum and what you want for tomorrow, you’ll get next week ; if lucky. Lalli is slow, and I think he rather prefers renting to groups and send his mechanics with them, than renting to a single or couple. I had to insist to get mine from him.

The trip

2012 Enfield Spiti Ladakh trip

You can view an interactive version of this map. This is not super precise as we had no GPS with us, but you can see the cities you visited on the way.

  1. Delhi
  2. Rishikesh
  3. Nahan
  4. Shimla
  5. Reckong Peo
  6. Tabo
  7. Kaza
  8. Chandra Tal
  9. Keylong
  10. Pang
  11. Leh

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  1. See the icons at the bottom of this page for all my social profiles.

  2. The Enfield neighborhood in Delhi where everyone goes for purchasing motorcycles.

  3. This is a photo of me while on the road. Not as Fresh.

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